Weaver Street Tax District (WSTD)
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All owners of units in West Lyon Farm pay taxes to the Town of Greenwich and in addition, pay taxes to the Weaver Street Tax District (WSTD). Formed in 1978, the WSTD provides certain municipal services to the residents within its jurisdiction, such as road repair, shade and ornamental trees, street lighting, snow removal, flood control, and trash collection, which would otherwise be billed through WLFCA common charges. A nine-member Board of Directors is in charge of the organization, which has its own governing documents. The taxpayers within the Tax District elect the Directors at large for staggered three-year terms, and there are no term limits. WSTD operates within the same fiscal year as WLFCA and its taxes are due in the second month of each quarter. Individual taxes are calculated by multiplying WSTD annual budgeted revenue by a percentage based upon a Unit’s assessed value as determined by the Town of Greenwich relative to the assessed value of all Units at West Lyon Farm.