Unit Owner Responsibilities
As in any home ownership, owners are responsible for the maintenance of the interior of their unit; however, there are some items or elements for which the owner of a Unit is responsible to maintain, repair, remove, and replace at his/her expense that do not completely conform to the above definition of ownership.  They are identified as Limited Common Elements. A Limited Common Element is distinct from a Common Element for which the Association is fully responsible.
In some cases, however, there are Limited Common Elements for which the Association assumes responsibility as a Common Expense in order to establish a uniform appearance and standard of care. These elements include foundations and roofs; siding and trim; gutters and leaders; garage doors and their operating mechanisms; occasional grounds keeping of planting beds and, unless previously modified by a Unit Owner, entryway steps and stoops, walkways, and trash bins.
Limited Common Elements for which Unit Owners are responsible include:
  • Entryway steps, stoops, walkways, and trash bins if previously modified by a unit owner
  • Walkway and exterior light fixtures including bulb replacement
  • Decks and patios
  • Railings and steps to decks and patios
  • Awnings and handrails
  • Skylights, windows, exterior doors, and shed roofing over kitchen doors
  • Door bells, alarm systems, and motion sensors
  • Chimneys and exhaust vents, including dryer vents
  • Interior of garages 
  • Outside water spigots, underground irrigation systems, and exterior water barriers
  • Foundation drainage, foundation waterproofing, and sump pumps
  • Pots, planters, and planting beds located appurtenant to a unit or garage