Lyon Farm Residents Association (LFRA)
Lyon Farm Social Event
By virtue of being an owner of a West Lyon Farm residence, you become a member of the Lyon Farm Residents Association (LFRA). Formed by the developer in 1975, it owns and operates the recreational, cultural, and social facilities shared jointly by the residents of East and West Lyon Farms. LFRA members and their guests enjoy the use of the East and West Barns, East and West swimming pools, two outdoor gas grills, two tennis and pickleball courts, a playground area, and a sauna. The barns and gas grills may be reserved subject to availability.
A nine-member Board of Directors oversees LFRA, which is ruled by its own governing documents. Unit Owners from East and West Lyon Farms elect the directors for staggered three-year terms. Seven directors must be unit owners in West Lyon Farm and two directors must own residences in East Lyon Farm. After serving two consecutive three-year terms, a director must retire from the Board for one year before becoming eligible to seek re-election or fill a vacancy. The Board of Directors selects its own officers.
The Board meets at least quarterly and has the same fiscal year as WLFCA.  It organizes social events throughout the year to foster a sense of community among residents. Dues are assessed the first month of each quarter and are calculated by dividing the number of LFRA memberships (192) into LFRA annual budgeted revenue.